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Hello and welcome to my site !

Come on in and let me show you what I can do for you…

   You and your customers deserve the best Live Entertainment for your money and that’s my goal. So to that end I take great care in creating all my own Custom-made Background Tracks in my home studio by singing, playing and recording all the instruments and vocals you hear behind me which I then play along to - always with a Live Acoustic or Electric Guitar, harmonicas, tambourines and a strong Lead Vocal. This gives me unprecedented control over the quality and uniqueness of my music. The overall sound and effect is so close to the original that my listeners often find themselves happily clapping and singing along with me.

   I engage my listeners with Family-Friendly Banter, Jokes and Trivia which keeps them engaged and involved enough to make them want to stay longer.

   I constantly "read" my audience to determine the right type, style and genre of music they might enjoy. I also never stick to any set playlist, which helps create an open forum in which they're free to request any song at any time from my ever-growing repertoire of over 700 songs covering the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to current popular hits. I keep plenty of songlists on hand to pass around to let folks choose what they want to hear.


 I cover the most popular Genres of music including: 


   My P.A. sound system is Top-of-the-Line and with full control of the volume at all times, I'll never "blow you away" by being too loud. (But I can also get as loud as you want).

My whole set-up is powerful yet compact, so I don't take up alot of room. I've played in small living rooms to large stages.

   I'm well adept at playing in Bars, Restaurants, Wedding-Receptions, Cruise Ships, Home-Concerts, Poolside and most anywhere you might need quality live entertainment with the appropriate type and style of music.

   I can quickly go from a mellow "Acoustic-Guitar/Harmonica type ballad" to a straight-ahead "Rock and Roll Electric-Guitar driven get-on-the-dance-floor wall-of-sound" in an instant.

   So in conclusion...for a                                 

at a money-saving                                

You simply can’t go wrong with this-

Classic Rock

Motown Hits



Smooth Jazz


Rhythm & Blues



Guitar Instrumentals

and Lots of Originals !

Full-Band Sound and Energy
Single-Performer Package
- "One Man Band" -
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